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Size: 190 x 190 x 65mm thick
Packing : 4pcs/box
Water absorption : 13.8%
Compressive strength : 11.0Mpa
Area : 25pcs/m2

It depend on designs, vary 3.2-3.5kg/pcs
1 box = 13.5kgs

Breeze cement block is the green construction material handmade of 100% natural materials such as sands, cement

Yes our block is much more expensive compare with local blocks because our block is fully imported, quality are totally different. Our block are more compact, more solid and finer finishing and we have more design compare with locak block.

Step 1 : prepare the subfloor, tools and materials

  • The subfloor: Clean & safe
  • Tools: Trowel, mortar trough, buckrt, gloves, tap measure
  • Materials: Mortar, breeze cement blocks, rebar.

Step 2 : Installation

  • Prepare Breeze Block: Soak each blocks in water before installing. Proceed to build as normal wall construction method.
  • Thickness of mortar line is about 1-2cm. For each 5th course and column, rebar will be placed in the middle groove position of the block to increase the linkage between the block and the wall.
  • Rebar: Arrange in many different solutions to ensure the efficiency in the construction process and safety of the project.
  • There are 4 solutions to insert the rebar.
    • Insert the rebar from low beam go up
    • Insert the rebar from high beam go down
    • Insert the rebar from baced member
    • Insert the rebar from the middle of the wall

Put the rebar in the vertically, horizontally or form a cross shape in the middle groove position of block.

Build the beam when reaching a heigh of 3m and the column when reaching a width of 6m.

Notice: When the mortar is still soft, smooth the joints with a joint in tool to increase 


Step 3 : Curing after installation

Soak the wall for 7 consecutive days after installation to complete the curing process and prior adding any finished such as paint.

The Breeze block is suitable for both indoor & outdoor.

Grey Block made of Grey sand & grey cement, White block made of White sand & white cement. Both have same quality.